Intra Venous Medication Anti–Infection Device

Clinician Information

The IV MAID® is made of a semi-porous acrylic. It should be disinfected between patient use. Your facility should have a policy or procedure to decrease the risk of cross contamination between patients as well as contamination of the products within the IV MAID®.  
(See the sample policy and procedure below.)

Recommended use: 

  • Stock the IV MAID® daily and as needed to assure supplies are there when you need them.
  • When you need to access or flush your VAD, unlock the IV MAID®, obtain the supplies you require, then close and re-lock the IV MAID®.
  • If you need additional supplies during a procedure or regular care, use good hand hygiene so you do not contaminate unused supplies in the IV MAID®.
  • If necessary, you can change the lock combination on the CAM lock whenever needed. The directions are below. Suggestions: same combination per unit, or hospital, or changed with each patient. Just be sure it is documented to assure continuity of care.

Directions to change the combination of the CAM lock:

  1. Set the combination to the numbers that open the lock (factory default is 0-0-0).
  2. Push in the change button located on the bottom of the CAM lock with the end of a paperclip and hold it in while you change the combination to the new set of numbers, and then release.