Intra Venous Medication Anti–Infection Device

The IV MAID® is a storage box specifically intended for the use in the medical setting. It solves several challenges in the healthcare field:
  • Saves clinicians time, 3-6 minutes per flush administration.
  • Pays for itself in 8.2 days in labor costs alone.
  • FDA compliant storage of medication with the patient 24/7.
  • Eliminates healthcare acquired infections (HAI) from shared storage areas.
  • Saves costs from eliminated HAI's, $25,000 - $95,000 per incidence.
  • Eliminates catheter related blood stream infections by educating both clinicians and patients on best VAD cares.
  • Efficient work environment for clinicians, especially in contact precaution rooms.
  • 'Just in time' education for patients and clinicians for vascular access devices (VAD).